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We offers new estate rentals and sale services to our customers, by integrating previous classic services

Our Services

Thanks to our decades of experience and knowledge of the Luxembourg market, we offer a wide range of services to local and international clients.

Here you will find the commissions for the various services: Commissions

Virtual/Remote Online Tours

The work of a real estate agent is constantly evolving and with it the needs of its clients, so we have to adapt and evolve to keep pace.


The virtual visit is a professional service and has several advantages, firstly, the possibility of immediately accessing the property as if the buyer were on site, seeing its real features and conditions, before organising an in-person visit.


This service is very much appreciated by those who live outside the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or have limited time available for a property search.

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services remote visit fiore immo

Remote Online Visit

The real estate agent conducts the property visit with potential buyers/tenants by video call via applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, FaceTime and Skype.
This type of service makes it easier to conclude a contract for people who are unable to travel to Luxembourg or for those who face very tight deadlines before moving to the Grand Duchy.


Although photographs of the property can be edited, the online visit allows you to show not only the organisation / layout of the rooms, but also the actual condition of the property.

This reduces the time needed to make a final decision and sign the rental or sales contract.

Electronic Document Signature

As owners or tenants or buyers of Fiore Immo, you have the possibility of selling or renting remotely, wherever you are and according to your availability, without having to witness the signing of the various documents.

We have chosen HelloSign, a leading electronic signature platform, which offers a legally regulated and secure product for all property transactions, also used by banks, European institutions and major companies around the world.

With this, we manage the signing of the document by each party remotely, whether it’s a mandate to sell, an offer to purchase, a sales agreement, a rental contract or a check on the condition of the premises, giving access to a range of benefits:

  • Save time when carrying out the procedure;
  • Avoid having to print out documents all the time (for example, when you don’t have access to a printer);
  • Guarantees excellent text legibility for documents and signatures.
    It works extremely simply;
  • Our agency prepares the document for review and approval by all the parties involved by e-mail;
  • Once validated, a HelloSign notification is sent to all parties concerned ;
  • By accessing the link, the parties can sign the document online via a computer, tablet or simply from their mobile phone;
  • The document can be printed once the signing process has been completed by all parties involved;
  • The document is stored in our database for the period stipulated by Luxembourg data protection law.

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Professional Photos

Before advertising a property, it’s essential to create a professional, high-quality photo shoot.

Our agency offers two types of services, depending on whether the property is for sale or rent:


  • Sales: We work with well-known professional photographers in Luxembourg who take photos that can enhance the presentation of the property in the adverts.

We add our know-how to this base in order to finalise the sale in good time and on the best terms.


  • Rental: we use state-of-the-art equipment to create images that bring out the best in your property.

To achieve optimum results and present the property to the market, we ask that the property is kept tidy and in a clean condition for the shoot.

Home Staging and 3D Plans

This service is particularly useful for property sales.

What happens if potential buyers can’t see themselves in the layout of the property?


How can you eliminate the negative perception of potential buyers when your property is in need of renovation and it is difficult to imagine it being fitted out in a new style?


As part of the commercial service, our agency offers ‘HOME STAGING’ and ‘3D PLANS’ services that enable home lovers to appreciate the possible design of a future property renovation in line with contemporary architectural trends.

services home staging 3d plans fiore immo

Other Services

Property valuations

Do you need an evaluation of your property for rent or sale?


Choosing the “right” price for your property can be a difficult decision, but fortunately many professionals offer evaluation services to help you determine the correct market value.


Are you interested in finding out how we analyse properties and prepare an evaluation? Contact Us

Rental management

Don’t have the time to manage your rental property?

We’ve got just what you need!


1) Direct contact with the tenants for any type of problem;

2) Proposal and management of problem resolution;

3) Sending communications to the tenants on your behalf;

4) Exclusive rental service from A to Z.

Weekly property inspections

Don’t have the time to visit your properties and check their condition?

We’ve got just what you need!


As stated on rental contracts and as permitted by law, you have the right to visit your properties throughout the year to check for any damage.


The aim is to keep your property in good condition so that you don’t end up with irreparable damage at the end of the lease.


Our professional intervention is detailed in a full report that can also be used in the event of a dispute between the parties.

Regular rent analysis

Don’t have the time to check whether your rent is aligned with the market?

We’ve got just what you need!


We analyse your property and prepare a market analysis to compare the current rent with similar properties.


The aim is not to lose you money.

Organisation of cleaning by a partner company

Don’t have the time to check that your property is in a hygienically acceptable condition?


We’ve got just what you need!


We organise an inspection with one of our partner companies, prepare a quotation, arrange for the service to be carried out and check the quality of the service at the end.

Assistance in maintaining your property

Don’t have time to check whether your property needs maintenance?


We’ve got just what you need!


We organise an inspection with one of our partner companies, prepare a quotation, arrange for the service to be carried out and check the quality of the service at the end.

Furnishing service

You’ve bought a property, either to live in or to invest in, and you don’t have the time to furnish it?


We’ve got just what you need!


  • We’ll arrange a meeting with you to analyse your needs and budget;
  • We present you with a project with associated costs from 3 suppliers;
  • We take care of ordering the furniture and having it delivered to your property.


At the end of our mission, you will enter your home to drop off your belongings, nothing else!

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